line50Koventure Co.,Ltd. was established in May 1990 by a group of the experiences and highly skilled management team in chemicals industries business.   We were first being appointed as a sole distributor for specialty chemicasl in Paint & coating industries.  With a smart foundation of the company, we have been continuously expanded into various industries such as chemicals raw material for Ink, Adhesives, Lubricants, Construction as well as Equipment/ Experimental tools for research & development etc.

line50With the widespread vision of management and continuously business growth expanding, in year 2001 we invested in warehouse facilities at Bangpoo Industrial Estate for 2.0 acres.   We also keep on expanding our investment in Research and Development since year 2012 up to present in order to support the continuous growth of industrial segment and also to accomplish our resolution as an integral part of success for both our customers and suppliers.

Specialist in Chemistry

Our vision is to be the leading chemical supplier by utilizing the company strength in chemistry and application expertise. Koventure is fully committed to expand its boundary to cover tomorrow innovations

Global standard

Just like our’s global partners, Koventure strives to provide first class services for customers. The company is evolving to global standard in business conducts


Koventure’s facilities includes sales office and warehouses located near airport. Travel and customer service can be done at ease. Our laboratory is also a few steps aways from the main office.

Our Team

Koventure’s core strengths rely on our teams.
With capable staffs and personals, the
company has been growing the business
together with principles and customers. We
are proud to steadily venture forward to
expand our business’s horizon.
Technical support would drive specialty
chemical business forward has always been
Mr. Savaeng’s corporate motto that has grown
Koventure. With local presence and global
capabilities, Koventure stands tall together
wite customers.


For the past 25 years, Koventure has dedicated itself to providing specialty chemical and technical solution
to Thai partners and customers.

Koventure is a technical and service oriented company and strongly support various needs and enquiries
to different applications. It is our goal to expand the company’s horizon to serve customers and
principles through innovation and people investment

Our groups of sister companies that create value chain for industries.